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Selecting the right Entry or Interior door to complement your new construction, renovation or decorating project is very important. A new door is just the finishing touch that will dramatically bring your project to life. 



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Exterior Doors
Interior Doors

Replacing your exterior doors is an upgrade that can pay for itself – or even make a profit – by increasing your home’s value. And when you choose an energy efficient exterior doors, you may reduce your energy bills.

Exterior doors are available in an incredible variety of designs to match any home. From the basic fiberglass and steel door to ornate, hand-carved wood doors, True Blue can find one to match any taste or any budget.

But how do you know which door is right for you? 

  • Fiberglass – This material features both the feel and look of genuine wood, right down to the knots and cracks, with less upkeep. In fact, these doors are built to consistently withstand the rigors of any climate - hot or cold, wet or dry.

  • Wood – Wood comes from trees that grow in a variety of species, such as fir, pine, mahogany or alder. Each species has a range of characteristics, like grain, color and sap content, which contributes to its unique appearance.

  • Steel – An economical option, steel offers strength and durability and is a good choice for most climates. These doors are also treated to deliver superior rust-resistance. They will require only minimal maintenance (in especially moist areas, they may require minor upkeep).

You have many different options and products to consider when updating your home but little has more impact than interior doors.

The whole feeling of a room can change based on the interior doors you choose. 

Start your transformation by selecting interior doors made from the following types of material:

  • Wood — Choose from several classic panel designs and multiple wood species that add warmth, natural beauty and artistry to your home's interior.

  • Wood Composite — Features a variety of options to fit your design, lifestyle and budget. Choose from Molded Composite doors that are made with strong, environmentally conscious wood fiber.

Door Core's?
  • Hollow Core — Typically lighter in weight and more affordable than solid core doors. Hollow core doors are a good choice for areas where sound transmission is less important, like a closet or pantry.

  • Solid Core — Heavier and more resistant to normal wear. Solid core doors are commonly used in areas where more privacy is preferred. If interior noise reduction is a priority, consider a solid core, which reduces sound transmission by up to 50 percent when compared to a hollow core door.