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Free Estimates

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You’ll have a hard time finding a project that brings as many benefits – True Blue Construction will do a complete evaluation of your needs and with so many available options we will run you through the pros and cons and help you make the choice that best fits you. 

Our Two Most Popular Choices
Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is True Blue's most popular siding material. Today’s vinyl siding is far different from from your fathers siding..

​ Advances made in manufacturing technology in the last decade has witnessed amazing strides in vinyl siding.

Here are a few good reasons why you should consider vinyl siding for your home:

  • You can now get vinyl siding that can effectively mimic the look of many types of cladding and architectural accents, including wood, stone, and slate.

  • Vinyl siding has the ability to withstand high winds and resist heat, cold and moisture, retaining its original appearance and performance capabilities over long periods of time. Able to withstand wind velocities of more than 200 mph these sidings have been well-tested even recently as they survived Super storm Sandy.

  • Vinyl siding, as a whole, is a green option. It outperforms most other exterior cladding, including brick, in almost all life cycle stages for environmental and economic performance.

  • It's not susceptible to problems associated with rotting, cracking or insect damage.

  • Vinyl siding does not need to be painted and only requires periodic (annual) cleaning with mild soap and water. 

  • ​Vinyl siding has the lowest total installed cost of any exterior cladding as also the lowest life cycle cost over the life of a home.

  • Recent surveys conducted have found that replacing a home’s siding with vinyl siding ranked among some of the best home improvement projects for recouping cost at the time of resale.

Wood Siding

There's a reason that most types of siding materials on the market today try to mimic the look of real wood - it's classic and beautiful.

​If you're looking at your siding options, maybe you should forget the imitations and go with the real thing. 

Here are a few good reasons why you should consider wood siding for your home:

  • The Timeless beauty of wood siding is undeniable.

  • Today's wood siding is available in a wide range of woods, styles, and colors. 

  • Wood is a natural insulator that keeps out the cold and keeps in the warm, which will help lower utility bills.

  • It's GREEN, wood siding is biodegradable and a renewable resource.

  • Wood is readily available and can be installed or repaired quickly

  • Wood is easy to paint and can be painted or stained almost any color imaginable. 

  • The value of many older homes especially can be irreparably compromised by siding them with anything but real, genuine wood.

  •  Wood is so easy to repair or maintain that many homeowners, with only a modicum of carpentry skills, are able to fix their own wood siding, saving both time as well as money.

  • While it is true that real wood requires regular and maintenance to keep its appearance, the bottom line is that the extra time and expense will be absolutely worth it when you are trying to refinance or sell you home.